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Title – To enhance vocational skill of the rural youth in Dudu   block of Jaipur District.  

  • Objectives

The program will be developed under three specific objectives:

  • Increased the employment skill level of dropout youths in Dudu and Phagi Blocks of Jaipur District.
  • Identify the potential of existing skill of target group
  • To strengthen the rural youth for own enterprise venture.
  • Expected Outcomes

The innovative structure of this program meets with suggested activities designed to provide the best outcomes for Dropout rural youth. Because of its focus on providing vocational skill development training, the program is ahead of the curve in providing services to unemployed at risk youth. To the end outcomes are as follows.

  1. The number of dropout rural youth experiencing an increase of their employment skill through vocational trainings will increase by 95% (120 Youths)
  2. A strong understanding and “hands on” practical skills in each trainee’s specialist subject.
  3. A broad understanding of training methodology, aimed at imparted knowledge and practical skill to 120 drop-out youths and adults to become self employed or employed.

About the Proposed Trades – Scope, Strategy and contents/resources  

Scope of proposed trades

  • Domestic Light Fitting

At the globalization scenario, the building constructions are going fast and make more opportunities to various units such as Mason, Material etc. From the foundation to top of a building various type of holders involve. In these holders light fitter is a main role to set-up electricity system in building. So after an analysis the Domestic Light Fitting and Repair home appliances trade identified for training program. The trainees would develop their vocational skill under the proposed trade.

The proposed trade of training have more scope in the area because the Highway No.08 crossing to Dudu and nearby area. A large construction and real estate industry will become a major availability for the employment of trainees. Near to various places like Dudu, Bagru, Mahala is rapidly becoming industrial hub of the state due to near Jaipur. Apart from this the proposed trade has lots of potential at village level. The electricity reached at every household of state and there are no resources for regular maintenance and repair at the village level. So the people call to a mechanic from Dudu town who take more money. After the training, the beneficiaries would be great resource to village level also who will get employment as well service provider.

Form the top side there are various types of construction and real estate agencies nearby area who will contact to this resource group to set-up the electricity fitting at their site. EDS assess in the area, that existing mechanic of area earning money from contract and also from their shop. So meaningfully the program has a wider scope to take an initiative in concern.

  • Repair home electronics appliances

Home appliance repairers, also known as in-home service professionals, install and repair home appliances. Some repairers work on small appliances such as Fans, Water Cooler and Television. Others specialize in major appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, and window air conditioning units. This trade has wide potential in nearby area due to expansion of technology and electronics items. A wide range of electronics repair shops are situated in state capital of Rajasthan (Jaipur) which is accessible to trainees. After the completion of training, the participants will use their skill as self employment and wages.     

  • Mobile Repairing and Maintenance -

The rapid surge in the telecommunications industry has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the market for cellular phones which has led to entrance of global players into India.  As per the recent report of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, (TRAI) the telecom sector is set to grow at a rate of 38 per cent. Mobile phones those were erstwhile regarded as a luxury for the upper or upper-middle class has now gradually tapered down to the lower sections of society as well. According to the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), the mobile communication sector is the fastest growing industry globally and within the next five years, 95 per cent of India will be mobile savvy. Numerous mobile-phone users and their varied demands in servicing and maintenance, presents interesting challenges to out-perform. In this scenario, the various service centers have a wide opportunity to trained person in the town as well as Jaipur also few of trainees would be able to self enterprises at village level as well as nearest town .

Training methodology/Strategy-

The training methodology will consist of both theoretical and practical training elements. Training delivery will be interactive, participative and base on learning by doing. Trainings would directly focus on improving not only the technical proficiency of trainees but also the institutional skill to drop-out youths. The details of methods are as follows :

Admissions/Selection of Trainees –

EDS will ensure the appropriate and adequate participation as well as selection of candidates in proposed district. There will be a set process to selection the participants. Through the villager’s Group Discussion, a list would be generating of possible participants which have more potential in the concerned subject. The generated list will be a resource to selection process which will be sent to FVTRS office also. Apart from this, field visit and regular interaction with community will be a major aspect to fulfill the process which will lead the right selection aspect. The beneficiary would be selected from the school dropout database of Govt. as well as community discussion. The norms for selection will keep in mind according to level of literacy of beneficiary.      

Duration of Training Programme-

These training programs will be for two month and all participants would stay at home after per day training session. There are three trades which described above section. Each trades will be period of two month where all kind of knowledge would be provide to trainees.

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